A little about us

​We are a couple, Sølvi and Per Helge, that own and runs "Borghildstua". We live nearby in the same area. We are lucky to have part of our family nearby, parents, children and grandchildren. Beside this we like to go hiking and we have our own cabin in the mountains. In summertime we like to use our boat. There are plenty of nice places to go visiting by boat. We like to travel and see new places- and get to know new people. We look forward to meet you.

Welcome to our paradise

Yes, we like to call it our paradise, because we think that it is so. Surrounded with great nature it gives us great moments everyday. Close to the sea with possibilities for fishing and close to hills and mountains, great for hiking. Every time of the year offers spesial moments. The springtime when nature comes alive again, the summertime when we have the midnightsun-and no darkness, the atumn with the special light and the air is crystal clear, and the wintertime with short days and the beautiful northern light. We never stop getting thrilled about it, and we would love to share it with you.

A little facts about our winter- and summertime.

Living above the polar circle means that we have no sun for a time during the winter, and in the summer we have a periode where the sun never goes down.

From about the middle of November the sun goes below the horizon, and doesn't come back before the middle of January. This is the time of year with the blue daylight and the northern light.

From about the end of May the sun never goes down, and it stays like this until the middle of July. This is the time of the year with the midnight sun.